Translation in all languages. 
Technical, commercial, financial, legal, scientific, advertising and website translations.Sworn translations: certification and legalization.


Masters course for translators and interpreters in technical translation regarding production process technologies. In-company language courses in every language. Study vacations abroad in England and Spain.


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We are much more than a translation agency. We have worked in Padua in the foreign language sector since 1982. We have the trust of over 5000 clients.

We work with more than 500 native speaking translators, consultants, professionals and experts. We assign each job to a competent and qualified project manager

We use our own management software, networking, CAT tools and avant-garde solutions for publishing with MAC and Windows operating systems. We reduce time and costs because we have the correct balance of internal resources and constantly updated technology.



UNI EN 15038:2006


Translation Service Provider

Soget Est Padova: Global communication

Communication is the lifeblood of every business.
Good communication allows you to sell your products and services, train and motivate personnel, inform your clientele and strengthen your image. To achieve this requires not only awareness but also precision. Each message is effective when it is aimed correctly. A press release, for example, differs substantially from a product catalogue. Lastly, imparting your knowledge is to relate with someone else which is an essential requirement, in order to share rules, emotional expectations and cultural background of your interlocutor who is sometimes far off, often unknown, and this is crucial for your success.

This is our mission:
To make your communication universally effective, in any language, by offering resources, means, technology and experience.