For “creative translation” or “transcreation” we mean a package of services designed for those who work in the world of advertising, image products and company communication in general. It includes the activities of translation, localization and copy-editing.

Business, institutional and technical information to be presented at a multinational level needs to meet the specific requirements of the country of destination not only with regard to language presentation but also in terms of customs and traditions, rules and regulations, as well as various forms and modes of communication.

In many cases where documents strongly focus on communication at an international level, translation alone may not be enough and a more complex process of adaptation may need to be provided called “localization”, which allows the final text to meet all the conditions and conventions of the country where it will be used.

In other cases, it is even more necessary for the message to reach the target in a successful and effective way without altering, losing or changing the meaning of its original version. Even if the message is required in many languages, its meaning must always be the same in all texts.

Such a result can only be achieved with specific intervention in the form of an editorial review: the translated text needs to be checked by a reviewer, who transforms the translated text into a work of copy editing.