Liaison interpreting and conference interpreting are very different services that differ in terms of training, preparation and approach. Our experience allows us to provide a detailed and comprehensive consulting service, assess requirements, in each particular case, and provide the best professional solution.

Microfono e pc per interprete

Interpreting using portable devices and bidules

For trade exhibitions, conferences, liaison interpreting, conference assistance and tour leading.

The service is provided by our staff, who have various specialisations to meet the specific needs requested each time.

Our company’s role as the official provider for Confindustria Padova and Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti has allowed us to select a large number of collaborators. With a knowledge of up to three foreign languages, they not only have a good general cultural background but also a smart appearance, requirements that are of equal importance at events such as trade shows and exhibitions that draw large crowds.

Meetings for business negotiations and training tours on-site at factories are conducted with experienced interpreters with a specific technical and linguistic knowledge and proven ability in business communication.

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Professional interpreting for conferences, meetings and congresses.

The service is provided by professional conference interpreters with a specific specialisation.
The interpreters we use are among the most expert and reputable on the market and have over twenty years of experience.
To ensure the best interpreting solution and excellent communication between foreign speakers and audiences, a professional interpreter pays special care and attention to the phase preceding the interpreting session through adequate preparation and study of the topic to be discussed.
In fact, it is essential to know and thoroughly learn terminology and specific references not only in relation to the topic in general but also to the special characteristics of each individual intervention.

Since 1982, we have had the opportunity to provide our conference interpreting services at important international events and for renowned top-level companies and institutions.
Professionalism, quality assurance, expertise and reliability are and remain our keywords also in this specific field

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Microfono in cabina interprete simultanea

We provide conference systems and simultaneous booths

When an interpreter is requested, the skills are required of a “language mediator” who, with expertise, enables the most effective communicative “contact” between the parties concerned.
When this service is provided, it will probably be unrepeatable, at least not immediately, and cannot be postponed. Therefore, the service needs to be provided at a precise moment and therefore at a pre-established time and location. Consequently, it is very important to choose the right person for the interpreting service.
In fact, if a customer should notice that the interpreter hired for the occasion does not have the special qualities required for the situation, a very unpleasant atmosphere may arise but, above all, one that is little “productive” for the purpose of the negotiations, agreements and developments envisaged for that meeting.
Poor communication, inadequate exchange of opinions or imprecise understanding may affect business relations or negatively influence the successful outcome of an event.
Therefore, it is highly important to be able to rely on experts who can select the most suitable professional for the specific situation once the type of service has been determined.

We provide systems for simultaneous interpreting including transmission equipment, interpreter booths, infrared receivers and headphones, amplification systems, digital audio recording systems and on-site technical support.