The localization of a website, a software application or a video requires language expertise, in-depth knowledge of conventional features (number system, weights and measures, dates and times, currencies) and local culture, familiarity with solutions for usability and accessibility, as well as specific skills in using tools for development and programming.

Soget Est provides all professional and technical resources to create multilingual versions of all digital content.

localizzazione siti web

Responsive multilingual websites

Translation or localization of a website?

Localization of a website, unlike its translation, regardless of its size (blogs, company websites, portals, e-commerce or CMS websites), involves adapting the entire content to the special linguistic, cultural and especially the conventional features in use in the country and in the language of the user/remote browser. Certain interventions are common to both translation and localization of the website, whereas others are specific.

SOGET EST offers a translation service for websites and localization of all graphic design elements (images, diagrams and icons), audio-visual content (clips, videos and animations) and development content (topics, menus, scripts, messages and taxonomies).

SOGET EST also provides translations for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service.
This service includes the translation of keywords, metadata, titles and descriptions. On request, the meta tags of the website and AdWords campaigns can be adapted to the country or language of the end user.

Can the localization of strings of a programme, a user interface of an app, online help services and technical documents be managed at the same time?

We use innovative technologies to simplify and automate each step in the entire software localization process.
By coordinating and optimizing individual activities we can create consistent end products, reducing times and costs.

The software we localize, in any language, is impeccable in functional, language and cultural terms.
Each intervention we make to change or update a text (a term, function, rapid selection sequence, etc.) applies to the entire documentation process, thus ensuring a correlation between interfaces and documents.

We localize user interfaces, online help services, product manuals and documents (in Latex®, FrameMaker®, InDesign®, PageMaker®, QuarkXPress®, Quicksilver® format, etc.), iOS, Android and Windows Apps, as well as web-based applications.

Localizzazione App

Use of specific terminology 

Localizzare video

Subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing videos

Subtitling, voice-overs or dubbing?

Soget Est provides all services for the localization of videos in any digital format: subtitling with text adaptation, voice-overs for documentary-style productions or off-screen narration, dubbing with lip-synching and a wide choice of voices for voice-over services.
Subtitling is available in all major languages.

Translations include an editing process to protect the original content and reduce the length of the translation, making it more legible for the reader.
On request, messages can be re-written to make them more effective for a particular target audience or foreign users (please see Transcreation).

To provide a high standard of quality and the best voice-over services and dubbing in any language, our experts, translators and technical experts collaborate directly with leading national and foreign recording studios.
In addition, we can deliver files processed in any format required.

Localization is the process of adapting a product to meet the language and cultural needs of a specific place or market. It is often accompanied by our internationalization services aimed at providing interfaces and software applications for subsequent localization activities.

Do you need to manage a complex localization project? Request a visit from one of our experts, who will suggest the best solutions, free of charge and without any commitment, and prepare you a detailed quote.