Multilingual DTP and graphic design

An increasing number of companies are choosing Soget Est for their graphic design and layout needs, saving up to 80% in costs and consolidating their image on an international scale. Adobe InDesign®, FrameMaker®, PageMaker®, QuarkXPress®, Quicksilver®, PDF and any graphic format: we directly translate the original file without altering the layout code.


Full editing process

Why choose Soget Est?

Soget Est has all the human and technical resources of medium-sized graphic design studios but, as a value-added feature, expertly uses technologies to handle documents in all languages and reduce times and costs.

Original files, in Adobe InDesign®, FrameMaker®, PageMaker®, QuarkXPress®, Quicksilver® or other software formats, are translated using universal editors that maintain the same layout and its features (titles, bold type, italics, fonts, etc.).

The resulting document, in the language required, has a format and graphic design that are true to the original.

Our graphic designers do any necessary copyfitting to adapt very long texts or reworked layouts to the conventional features of language (e.g. texts from right to left for documents in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi).

Moreover, using IT tools, we translate texts in images (Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®) and technical drawing texts (Microsoft Visio® and AutoCAD®).

Digital and multilingual

Our team of staff includes designers, graphic designers, desktop publishers and localizers, who are all experts in multilingual products.

Products are conceived, created and localized always bearing in mind customer expectations and respecting the cultural characteristics of the country of destination.

We create products for the Web (websites, portals and E-commerce), as well as audio-visual and below-the-line products.

Still life, outdoor photo shoots and videos.

Producing a coordinated image includes: creating a brand and/or company and product logo, monographs, brochures and folders.

We are specialised in creating multimedia products with advanced integration of text, in any language, and images.

Grafica - desktop

Multilingual digital products

Global communication requires creativity, proficient use of the best technologies, and a knowledge of languages and different cultures: SOGET EST has a team of experts to design, create and localise digital content that can be shared and consulted on desktops, mobile devices, the Internet and printed paper.

Does your company want to maintain its image not only in European languages? We are experts in the multilingual management of characters: logos and fonts in Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Korean, Hindi, Japanese and any other alphabet!