Translations for the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries

Team Working – Shared skills

In more than thirty years of experience, Soget Est has acquired extensive technical and linguistic expertise in the medical and scientific field, working with highly specialized professional translators, interpreters, project managers and editors.

Considering the technical complexity of scientific materials, we team up with our clients using specific glossaries and dedicated resources, while building a “technical and cultural heritage” based on the identity and features of each company over time.

This makes us an ideal partner for healthcare professionals, organizations and companies, including:

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • communication agencies
  • manufacturers of medical devices
  • manufacturers of beauty products and food supplements
  • healthcare companies
  • reference centers
  • hospitals and private clinics
  • associations
  • general practitioners and specialists
  • specialized publishers
  • biotechnology firms

We offer fast delivery and competitive rates, while ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your documents.

We specialize in translating:

  • Package inserts and leaflets
  • Packaging and labels
  • Sworn translations: certified translations and legalization services
  • User manuals for medical devices
  • Product specifications
  • Clinical trial reports and protocols
  • Patents and Releases
  • Scientific articles and press releases
  • Pharmaceutical legislation
  • Informed consent forms (ICF)
  • Technical documentation and storage conditions for pharmaceutical products
  • Investigational new drug and new drug applications (NDA)
  • Case report forms (CFR)
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Translation of documents issued by AIFA, WHO, ICH, PIC/S, ICMRA and other International Agencies, Institutions and Organizations

Superior Quality

Soget Est places great importance on providing the highest level of quality and attention to detail, with an emphasis on:

  • the use of correct terminology to meet the needs of each client
  • ongoing training for translators in the medical and pharmaceutical sector as well as in related areas, such as medical statistics and epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, biotechnology and genetics
  • constantly updated professional tools and technical resources
  • translation reviews by qualified editors and proofreaders

Our goal is to ensure impeccable quality through procedures that fully comply with the requirements of European standard EN 17100.

At Soget Est, quality means to deliver translations ready for use, making sure they are appropriate for the target audience in terms of register, style, choice of words and cultural aspects.

Delivering Excellence

Many years of experience and the opportunities that opened up in our long career have enabled us to improve and strengthen our skills.
We had the privilege to provide translation and interpretation services to prestigious national and international clients.

Our clients include:

Fidia Farmaceutici, Anika Therapeutics, Sigma-Tau Industrie Farmaceutiche, Pietrasanta Pharma, Kantarhealth, Bios Line, Labo Europa, Istituto Oncologico Veneto, MUSME – Museo della Storia della Medicina di Padova, Bioteck, Alchimia, International Society of Nephrology, Sintesi Research, Nidek Technologies, Sweden & Martina.

Workflow – How we work


  • Project analysis
  • Preparation: source files, reference material, terminology, instructions
  • Production: choice of the translation team and task assignment
  • Post-Production: routine checks, revision and correction, if necessary
  • Final Assessments
  • Delivery
  • Feedback management
  • Updating Translation Memories / Glossaries