Over 30 years of growth

Soget Est was established as a translation agency in Padua in 1982. Since then, the company has expanded its language and technical services, strengthening its national presence with its Milan-based offices, and its international presence with its correspondent offices in Europe.

Our history has involved the selection, training and assessment of the best professional translators, reviewers and experts, as well as the extensive use of state-of-the-art technologies to assist translation and localization activities and the handling of all types of document.

We have always worked closely with our customers, the most innovative companies and industries, producing any type of document requested including tenders, contracts, supplies and research.

By compiling manuals, in various technical fields, we have been able to specialise in the design, layout and subsequent translation of CAD drawings, wall-charts, identification plates and other products to be printed, taking care of all the executive phases internally.

Our pioneering use of the first word processor applications, e.g. Wordstar, and DTP applications, e.g. PageMaker, and our unparalleled experience in using international characters (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese fonts, etc.) comprise the broad set of skills that have made Soget Est a leading creator of multilingual documents.

But why a tree?

The words of Rabindranath Tagore, “Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven”, sum up our ongoing commitment to promote global communication, supported by accurate language mediation and using the services of the best professionals and cutting-edge technologies while respecting the environment and cultural differences.

To recall this commitment, the graphic design of our website, the background images of our web pages and of our videos show a tree, in stylized or photo format.

The team: we’re by your side

Mirko Ginocchi
Mirko GinocchiChief Executive Officer - Senior Partner
Company founder, 1982
Isabella Toppao
Isabella ToppaoChief Financial Officer – Senior Partner
Company founder, 1982
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Massimo Figini
Massimo FiginiSales Manager
Tommaso Furlan
Tommaso FurlanAffari Legali e Servizi Culturali
Sami Chaar
Sami ChaarInternational Sales Manager
Cecilia Cancellier
Cecilia CancellierExecutive Project Manager
Sofia Bianzale
Sofia BianzaleAdministration
Gianfranco Castagnola
Gianfranco CastagnolaSales Office
Deborah Bortoletto
Deborah BortolettoProject Manager
Veronica Bertocco
Veronica BertoccoProject Manager
Stefano Visentin
Stefano VisentinProject Manager
Giulia Giacomel
Giulia GiacomelProject Manager
Antonio Rossetti
Antonio RossettiDTP/Graphic Design