Confidentiality of documents, trade secrets and data

Confidentiality of documents

Soget Est undertakes to keep documents strictly confidential and to use all information and documents received from customers for the service for the sole purpose of executing the contract for the provision of services.

Soget Est ensures that its internal and external staff involved in the provision of Services are subject, contractually and in written form, to the aforesaid obligation of confidentiality.

Any information in the public domain at the time it is communicated, or subsequently becomes public for reasons not attributable to the party that has received it, is not subject to the obligation of confidentiality.


Privacy Policy concerning data processing and anti-spam

Soget Est has drawn up a policy to show that the data of its customers and suppliers are protected, and its respect for privacy.

The text describes the practices of collecting, storing and disclosing the information that Soget Est has in its possession.

At any time, users may change or request the deletion of their data, as provided for in the privacy protection law – no. 675/96 of 31.12.1996.

This policy outlines the procedures for changing and deleting data.

Soget Est does not send spam and takes all measures to deter and prevent this practice.

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