Ethical code and social responsibility

In 2004, as an active member of the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria Padova (Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Padua), Soget Est helped to develop and draw up a code of ethical conduct for all businesses.

The prestigious certification body TÜV UK, a member of the TÜK NORD GROUP, analysed it, gave a positive opinion and suggested adopting it as the basis for creating an “integrated” management system.

The code of ethical conduct has proved to be a complete communication tool, since it takes into account all the relevant “interested parties”. Being structured in chapters and paragraphs, it is also flexible.

The updated edition of the code of ethical conduct, the general terms of supply governing relations with suppliers and customers, the privacy policy for personal data protection, the confidentiality agreements for safeguarding and protecting industrial secrets, and quality certification based on the European standard UNI EN ISO 17100 are all part of the systemic approach adopted by Soget Est in order to meet customer expectations and guarantee the “social goodness” of its production and management processes.

Ethical code